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George Wurtzel (the Subaru Guy)

George grew up in Michigan, where he started his woodworking career building furniture and remodeling storefronts. He has been teaching woodworking for many years.

Last year George was living and teaching in California last year when he was recruited to be in a Subaru commercial where he takes a couple out to listen to the whales and go for a walk in the forest at night.

George loves teaching turning and owns several Rikon lathes for his students to use. He is currently renovating an old building in Greeneville, TN where he will teach, run his art gallery, and live.

His Facebook page George the Subaru Guy documents the progress of his building renovation.

Visit George Wurtzel’s website to learn more about him.

Also, you can visit the GM Wurtzel Custom Furniture & Designs Facebook page.

Vendor Show Case

Tony Rouleau - Hillview Wood & Metal

Tony has been a machinist for over 25 years and a woodworker for over 30 years. In 2015, he combined his passions and began making premium woodworker tools. He prides himself on manufacturing tools to the highest standards of quality and precision.

What began as making branding irons, led to block planes and double squares. He now offers planes, squares, bevels, levels, protractors, and awls. All his tools are of his design, except for the bevel, which it’s locking mechanism is modeled after the St. Johnsbury bevel of the late 1800’s. He takes his inspiration from antique tools as well as vintage firearms. He tries to make the highest quality tool he can. It stems from the first time he held high-end machinist tools as an apprentice. He felt using a tool that is of high quality is a pleasure to use but also gives you a boost of confidence in what you are making.

All squares are held to an accuracy of less than .002” per 12”, but are usually tighter. Using PEC blades in the squares as they are made in the USA and of excellent quality. Milled body from 360 brass and featuring Amboyna Burl Inlays. As with all tools he makes, each will be engraved with a serial number in the order they are made. * The square shown may vary from the ones at the show.

Hillview Squares

4” Klingspor Extravaganza Square – Amboyna Burl
Only 30 are available so make sure to get yours at our show.

Vendor Show Case

Jerry Measimer

Jerry Measimer of Richfield, NC is a man of many hats. Literally. A master woodworker, he turns massive blocks of wood into exquisite urns and bowls, pens, guitars, toys, and most notably, his signature custom-fitting hats pared down to a mere eight-inch thickness.

Jerry’s hats have hung in fine art museums, been donned by a former Miss America, and worn by country music legends like Charlie Daniels. Not bad for a man who started woodturning just six years ago.

Vendor Show Case

Morris Schlesinger

Morris Schlesinger is an experienced woodworker, emphasizing wood turning. He primarily uses the Tormek sharpening system and Trend Diamond hone products.

Vendor Show Case

Michele Parsons

Michele Parsons, the founder of Parsons Wood Artistry, has been immersed in art and nature her entire life. She spent her childhood drawing and wandering in the woods, exploring nature. Finding a way to combine these interests resulted in her gravitating toward creating art in wood — woodcarving and pyrography. Both of these art forms give Michele a connection to trees, both in the peaceful sound of carving wood and the primal smell of burning wood.

Gifted with an ability to teach others, Michele has spent years teaching workshop-based pyrography classes, writing for Pyrography Magazine, and writing books. She receives personal satisfaction when students learn pyrography and are excited about their newly found interest. To help students, especially in remote areas, Michele started selling pyrography equipment and accessories at discounted pricing. The result is Parsons Wood Artistry creating The Pyrography Store​.™ 

Visit her website here.

Vendor Show Case

Jeff Hornung

Jeff began his woodturning journey in 2012 after sustaining a minor concussion in a car accident. Nothing too serious but he did experience “post-concussion syndrome”. Finding a hobby helped him get through that and woodturning ended up being what he really became passionate about. After a couple of years, he started selling pens and small finished turnings. That experience led to bigger and better craft fairs and helped him really start to understand not only how to make better woodturnings but also start developing some expertise with tools, products, and techniques.

The Walnut Log started to evolve from a craft fair vendor of finished goods to a supply retailer. In 2016 it became an LLC focused on providing our customers with the highest quality tools, equipment, and supplies for woodturning. By that time Jeff was also an international demonstrator and woodturning teacher. Woodturning education is very important to him and he’s happy to offer that in addition to product information and demonstration.

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